We Need Our Clients To Browse Our Product and Services at Anytime.

Overview Of Company Website.

This site is created to update and Alert our customers/Clients about product and services offered by Rmm DeeP General Supply (Pty)Ltd.For the reason that nowadays people spend much time on internet and do everything via internet (paying accounts, buying electricity,shop online,online banking & etc), we decided that we must be accessible to all our clients by being easily available on internet whereby our clients will get services that they need without sweating.

We created this website so that we can easily publish new product and services that we offer from our markets. We have categorize product and services from our menu pages so that  you can easily get what you want without wasting time.

    • Mobile phone and computer browser instruction

If you are using mobile phone on our website, you must click on the Menu button then drop down menu will appear and therefore you can choose product or services you want from the pages on drop down menu. If you are using computer to browse our website then you can easily see full menu on top just under the logo.


We have our online shopping whereby our customers/Clients will view some of our product offered wherever they are without coming to our place. Online shopping have the ” Add to Cart ” button that help you to see total quantity and total price of product and services that you have cart, it  also have place where you can place Order via email, what you need to do is to fill up all required field most important info is your name and email where we can send you invoice. 

NB: Online shopping Payment method is EFT, PayPal and direct deposit. Your reference must be your invoice number only if we sent you invoice , for product Cart use your full names as reference . After payment please send proof of payment to directorgeneral@rmmdeep.co.za 

Benefits of our website users.

We decided to help our customers by going an extra mile as way of enhancing education and decreasing unemployment by Updating our customers with available jobs and bursaries. Click here for Jobs, internships and Bursary

We will update our customers about news headlines and current matters that can affect the society either be negative or positive. This will include the update of Currency and Top trading JSE companies. 


Are you an entrepreneur ?

All entrepreneurs have to register their business to be legally recognized and we can help you to register your business. There are lot of people who regard themselves as ‘entrepreneurs’ but they dont own a registered business. Here is one question for those people “how can you say you own business whereas it doesn’t really exists and legally recognized?” 

Is your Business Registered?

Dont be one of those ignorant entrepreneurs while you know that we can help you. To read about reasons of registeringyour business Click here Reason To Register your Business


Do you Have domain name and website for your company ?

Expansion and growth of the  business depend on the level of markerting .one of the tool that the company can use to market its goods and service is website. You can simply advertise your product and inform your customer’s about new product that you are offering. Your company need website to market your product everywhere and reach your customers easily.Click there to read about Adventage of having website in your company


 chicken on sale   OUT OF STOCK


Transport For Hire

We offer transport In affordable price for all people(buying product in bulk, relocating, as long as you name place and type of Transport& .

The greatest challenge that students have AFTER EXAM is TRANSPORTATION  of their BELONGINGS. Click here  Univen student few price list  





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